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Our Background

MJC Advanced Consulting has more than 25 years experience delivering IT solutions across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our consultants have worked for global IT Services Organisations and the British Military in a variety of sectors such as manufacturing, retail, financial services, leisure, local government and cyber security.

We have worked with clients from project inception, through solution design, build, test and go live.  We are experienced throughout the IT project life cycle.

Our Experience

Our consultants have worked with many organisations across the UK and Europe. Examples of the solutions we have worked on include:

  • Design and implementation of a new email solution for a financial organisation to reduce their support costs
  • Upgrade and replacement of a manufacturers PC Desktop and Laptop estate, improving user experience, and reducing support costs
  • Replacement of a UK retailers finance and procurement system, simplifying business process and reducing operational costs
  • Automated software delivery for a financial organisation, increasing their ability to compete with competitors
  • Managed the replacement of retailers Electronic Point of Sales across multiple stores, allowing the retailer to improve the customer experience, and increase their capacity at the checkout
  • Design and build of new data centres to house IT infrastructure
  • Advised a global financial services organisation in the transformation of its IT Department.  This involved changes to both the organisation structure and the processes to support the business

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